Who We Are

To the players, parents, coaches, volunteer “buddies”, and sponsors in and around Greenwood, we the Board of Directors of Greenwood Miracle League would like to express our sincere gratitude for making our first season a success. We would also like to thank Burton Center for their support, as well as the local media for showcasing our program.

The motto of the Miracle League is “Every child deserves the chance to play baseball”. But without the love, dedication and support from our community, these chances would be lost. Each Saturday in the spring and fall we watched a progression on the part of our players. We watched them interact with their “buddies” on and off the field. We watched “grown up” board members, coaches and umpires choking back tears as these “major-leaguers” charged around the bases, to the best of their abilities, to the cheers from the stands, anticipating Umpire Louie Murray scream “SAFE!” at home.

Who won the game? WE ALL DID… No, the scores weren’t kept; balls and strikes weren’t tallied; and sometimes our kids ran to first base via third base or left field. But the crowd roared, the music blasted, and they played baseball. What an experience. Join us Saturday mornings in April and May as we once again don our uniforms, get out the bats and balls, and wait for our umps to scream “PLAY BALL!”

Andy Lyle
Greenwood Miracle League